WordPress Hosting Reconsidered

Enterprise WordPress Hosting

$129.00 / month

Solid and secure infrastructure for your website. A team behind you for your peace of mind.



The very best in hosting for your WordPress website:


  Host 25 websites

  250,000 pageviews

  25Gb SSD

  250Gb transfer

  500Gb CDN

  SSD drives ensure the maximum data speeds possible.

  Global CDN (Content Delivery Network) serves content to your visitor from the closest location.

  Caching layer Varnish and Opcode caching delivers highly optimised pages.

  Xeon processors drive our servers.

  3 data centres Chicago, Amsterdam and Melbourne locations.

  Multisite enabled WordPress Multisite networks fully supported.

  Firewalls Security ensured by way of various server-side firewalls.


NB: All prices listed here are in US dollars and are exclusive of any applicable taxes.