Bringing businesses online

We help small business owners leverage the Internet

Aflua was founded in Spain in 2000. We serviced small to medium businesses in many different industry verticals across Europe until 2012, providing graphic design, branding, web design and development, and hosting services for more than 200 happy clients during that time.

In 2012 we transferred headquarters to New Zealand, continuing to help small businesses with quality Web hosting solutions and web design services. Today, a completely distributed team of designers, developers and digital marketers, and a growing network of supporting collaborators, enables us to constantly and consistently improve our offering.

It’s been an exciting journey, and one which has taught us some tough lessons along the way. And maybe that’s why we resonate so much with the struggles of the small business owner – being a small business ourselves, we know just how much you are up against.

Get in touch directly with us today, to find out how Aflua can help your company to write your online success story through our small business packages.

Starting up a small business is tough. We know, we’ve been there.

Those entrepreneurs that make it past the dream stage and into the actual, bare-bones creation of their own company are often plagued by a lack of resources, long working hours, discouraging friends and relations, and uncertainty on all sides.

That’s why we feel that you, the small business owner, could probably do with a helping hand. However tenacious you may be, if you are anything like us you will be working flat out, and may well be going through difficult times in pursuit of your dream.

Aflua offers affordable website design and development, as well as robust web hosting and website maintenance packages for driving your online presence to new heights. Because if there is one thing we are absolutely and unshakably convinced about, it is the following:

Without a great online presence, your small business is nothing more than a hobby. With good design and marketing, you build a brand. Hobbyists survive. Brands thrive.

The Aflua Offices in Menorca
The original Aflua offices in Spain, circa 2004.


  • We understand the digital landscape, and have been producing great things online since before 2000.
  • We are well-versed in mobile technologies and are experts in responsive design for smaller screens.
  • We offer the whole solution, from domains, hosting and email to design, development and deployment.
  • We care for you like you were our own, because we know that your success will contribute to ours.