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Powerful Digital Marketing Add-ons

Take your online marketing to a whole new level.

Website Marketing Add-ons

Need to automate your website and generate results? There’s an add-on for that!

Running a website is no small feat these days. Not only does it have to look good and be frequently updated, but to drive any significant business, you need to be ranked well on the search engines and continually monitoring your social presences on Facebook, Google+, Twitter and the rest. Phew!
Our add-ons are chunks of extra functionality or business automation that help make life a little easier. Whether you need articles created for your blog, or want us to take full control over your website and social media, we have add-ons that allow you to concentrate on business as usual.
Email Marketing & CRM Automation

AFLUA REACH - from $29 / month

Marketing automation software.

Aflua REACH is an integrated solution to the problem of keeping abreast of your business prospects. The software allows you to set up automations which move your contacts through stages in your sales pipeline and sends them beautiful email sequences, that are accessible on any device, at key moments in the sales cycle. All from one simple yet powerful interface.


Managed Article Copywriting

AFLUA EXPRESS - $299 / month

Managed article publishing.

There are times when managing a coherent and consistent content marketing campaign can be a daunting task for a small business, especially when it has to be done in conjunction with the everyday running of the business when resources are limited. That is when our article creation service can be extremely helpful. We write four unique articles for your business blog every month.


Social Media Management

AFLUA GATHER - $299 / month

Social media management.

Social media can be an enormous time-sink for any business, and when time is of the essence, it often gets left behind. Let Aflua help you maintain a strong social presence. We can publish to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn daily for you, and track the results to ensure your social campaign drives visits to your website, from those who are truly interested in connecting with your brand.


Business Dashboard Software

AFLUA DASH - $19 / month

Business dashboard software.

Keeping track of all your analytics, social profiles, customer touchpoints and software interactions is a difficult task. Typically, even small businesses make use of a great many online services. Now you can unite all your data in one place: Aflua DASH. Drag-and-drop panels allow you to organise all of your key data in one simple dashboard that gives you the low-down on your business at a glance.