Pre-sales Questions

There are three basic elements you will need in order to publish your site: a domain name, a hosting space, and the website itself. Aflua provides services to help with all three of these things. You will also probably need images and texts (as well as any other content) in order to offer information to your website visitors. Again, we can help out with copywriting and photography services. Get in touch for more information.

For all pre-sales related queries, please email us at at any time, and we will be in touch as soon as possible. Alternatively, you are more than welcome to make use of any of the other methods of getting in touch on our contact page.

All hosting accounts are charged on a month-to-month basis, usually around the 15th day of the month. Domain registration is charged on a yearly basis, though in most cases you may choose to register your domain for several years at a time. Any invoicing issues can be resolved by sending an email to

After Sales Questions

As a client of Aflua, we value your business and understand that our profitability depends 100% on ensuring you are happy, to the best of our ability. As such, we put ourselves at your disposal. Please contact us at with any issues or problems you encounter. As ever, you are more than welcome to make use of any of the other methods of getting in touch on our contact page.

We understand that the life of your website does not finish when we publish it on the Internet. A strong presence on the web depends on a constantly evolving website, and Aflua can help to keep your website up to date, whether on an ad hoc basis, through one of our monthly maintenance plans or by integrating a Content Management System (CMS), which allows you to maintain and update the site yourself.

Our policy is to treat each client as we would like to be treated ourselves. We understand, however, that we may not be the right fit for some clients (and some clients may not be right for us either). When things go wrong, we feel it is important to resolve issues as soon as possible. Often things can be settled amicably, which would always be our preference. At other times, it may be better for us to simply part company. Under these circumstances, our promise is to ensure you receive all you have paid for up to that moment in a timely manner. We cannot refund your initial project deposit (if applicable), but may be able to offer a refund on any payments made after that point.

Website Hosting

Generally, your hosting account will be set up immediately that you place an order with us. Occasionally we will need to verify certain details in accordance with our anti-fraud policy, in which case things may take a little longer. In such cases a support agent will be in direct contact with you to process your order as soon as possible.

Absolutely! Aflua was conceived to help out small businesses. Our speciality is knowing about the Internet, but we understand that it may not be yours. We can set up a domain, email and hosting for you, as well as designing and deploying your website: all hands-free. That means you spend time on your business, not on having to understand the technology. Let us know what you need directly at

Yes, of course. Simply point your domain to our name servers (or ask your domain registrar to do it for you). Please get in touch at to find out the name servers for your hosting account, once it has been set up. Under some circumstances, we can also help with configuring your domain to point to our servers.

cPanel is a simple, yet powerful control panel for managing websites, emails, databases and much more. As one of our web hosting clients, you will have access to your very own cPanel, typically accessible at That said, many of our clients choose to let us manage their accounts for them, often because we have set up and maintain their website, and often simply because it frees them up to concentrate on their core business.

All of our Linux web hosting packages offer the possibility to set up MySQL databases, and manage them through the PHPMyAdmin interface. For other options, please get in touch at

To upload a site to your hosting space, you will need an FTP client. We recommend FileZilla. Take a look at this video to see how to connect to your FTP account and start to upload files.

The web hosting package you choose will depend on the necessities of your website. Our Mini package is best suited to blogs or smaller websites, whereas our Mega package can host unlimited sites, databases and emails. Remember you can upgrade your account at any time, so sometimes it’s worth starting small and allowing your site to grow naturally. We will always do our best to inform you if you are using more resources than your package allows for.

Domains & Email

Any domain name you register through us will be secured as being yours within a maximum of 12 hours, however it can take anywhere between 24 and 72 hours for the domain to propagate. Propagation is the the time it takes for DNS (Domain Name Service) servers to recognise where your domain is pointing to. What this means in non-technical speak is that it may take a while for your domain to point to your website.

We offer domain registration for multiple years, yes. Each additional year helps you save money too, as a cumulative discount is applied for each extra year you register. If you need to register your domain for more than 10 years, please get in touch and we will organise a special deal for you.

In general we can register just about any domain you may require. Many domain extensions are not listed here simply for the sake of simplicity. Others are not listed as they may require additional paperwork to be presented (this is typical of some regional extensions). If the extension you are looking for is not listed, please contact us directly and we will do our best to help you register the extension of your choice.

Of course, we offer the option to point your DNS wherever you like. Simply configure the name servers to point to your host of choice, and you’re away. Please let us know if you need help doing this.

All of our hosting packages allow for the creation of multiple email accounts, directly linked to your domain name (eg. Email accounts are simple to set up through cPanel: take a look at this video for further information.

Your hosting account comes with webmail included. You can choose between the Horde, Roundcube or Squirrelmail. Access your mail online, from any computer with an internet connection, at

Your domain name is yours, and as such you are completely free to transfer it from (or to) Aflua at any time. It is important to understand that your domain name is not your website: your domain is simply a name that directs visitors to your website. This means you can move your domain and/or your hosting account (where your website resides) to a different provider at any time.

Website Design Questions

This is probably the most frequent question we are asked, but unfortunately there is no simple answer. To give you an idea of price, we would need to know what you want to do online. Do you need to sell articles through an online store? Do you need a Content Management System (CMS), so you can manage your own site? Do you have good photography and textual content prepared? Do you want to appear on the first page of Google for a given search term? These are just some of the many questions we would ask during a first briefing session.

The short answer is no. Clients come to Aflua at many different stages of their business development. Our philosophy is to help when and where we are needed, and often we are able to help from the outset, where a customer needs initial branding work, to establish a striking and memorable identity. This often means providing photography, product imagery, and copywriting services, amongst other things. At other times, we are asked to help with a more specialised part of the process, such as HTML application prototyping, packaging design, usability auditing or brand development. The one thing that is essential you prepare before approaching Aflua (or any other service provider for that matter) is your business idea. We love to work on projects that have a high likelihood of being successful, and our policy is to be very frank and transparent with our customers about their ideas, offering opinion and suggestions about how ideas can be improved upon.

Whether or not to include a CMS in your initial website investment will typically hinge on a couple of factors. The first is whether you anticipate the need to update, maintain or create new content on a regular basis (typically at least once a month). If the answer is yes, then a CMS may be a good way of doing so. The second factor is whether you can provide the necessary human resource to be able to work on the CMS. Whether yourself or one of your staff members, you will need to be active in maintaining and creating content for a CMS to be a worthwhile part of your strategy. If you do not have time to maintain your site yourself, but would like your site to be kept up to date, you can always take advantage of one of our maintenance plans instead.

Not necessarily, no. We understand you may be too busy to meet with us in person, and as such are quite used to communicating initially via email, videoconference or telephone. Though a physical meeting is not 100% necessary, there are a number of questions and considerations we typically like to address before starting work on any project we undertake.

No problem, we are well practised in setting up and maintaining e-commerce systems, whether you simply require an off-the-shelf open source solution or have a more complex project in mind. E-commerce is a rapidly growing part of the online landscape, and Aflua is committed to offering effective and economic solutions to our customers, which allow them to expand their brick and mortar business through online sales, or simply set up new business online, selling physical or virtual products. E-commerce no longer has the complex, costly implications it used to. Get in touch to find out more about how you can start to sell online.