Mobile technologies have changed everything. Smartphones and tablets are now so entrenched in our work and leisure time that we feel almost naked when we have left our devices at home.

Since 1990, we have gone from practically zero mobile phone adoption to over four billion in 2013, of which over a quarter are smartphones.

Mobility has affected our social interaction, as the images below highlight extremely well.

So I guess the major takeaway of this post could very well be to think twice when planning your new, mobile-ready website design: is it prepared for different device touchpoints? If you are not considering a responsive website layout, quite frankly you are leaving cash on the table. After all, it is projected that by 2014, over half of all Internet accesses will be made from a mobile device of some kind or another…

Need help with ensuring your new or existing website look great on all the different mobile devices? Aflua can help: just take a look at the link at the bottom of this page.


Crowd without mobile technology

Crowd with mobile technology


Jake Burdess

Director at Aflua
This post is by Jake Burdess, the founder of Aflua and HEROIC. Jake is an English designer who lives in New Zealand with his wife and three kids.

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