If you are in need of help or have a query about our services, please use any of the following methods to get in touch with the Aflua team directly:


1 Browse our FAQ to find quick answers to technical issues or resolve pre-sales queries.


2 Search the knowledgebase to find a solution for yourself, or submit a support ticket to us.


3 Call us on 0800 4 AFLUA to talk to a member of our sales team about your new Aflua website.

If you still have problems, please let us know by sending an email to support@aflua.com. Thank you for your patience.

The Aflua Process

How we make managed websites work for you.

How it Works

The steps to success are never simple, but together we can make it a reality.

Let us be your guide in the digital landscape. Traditional Web Design companies will listen to you for a while, then go away and create something, which they will then reveal to you in a grandiose way. Then they will say goodbye.

At Aflua, we like to think we are a little different. Because our service is ongoing by its very nature, we don’t normally do the big reveal (though we can certainly help you with a big launch), preferring instead to push continual improvements.

Our Process


PHASE 1: Initial Concept Designs

up to 1 week

Once payment is received and you have sent us your logo we go straight to work, producing two or three quick mockups of your homepage, so you can get a clearer idea of what your brand could look like online.


PHASE 2: Choice of Basic Concept

2 to 4 days

It will then be over to you to select one of the designs. Because they are not intended to be pixel-perfect, hi-fidelity designs, but rather a general guide to what might be, we generally expect a choice fairly quickly.


PHASE 3: Full-Scale Development

2 to 4 weeks

Now you have made your choice, we get cracking! We start directly on the development of your site (whether on a new domain you have chosen or on our test platform) to get things moving as soon as possible.


PHASE 4: Final Design Tweaks

up to 1 week

Once we are happy with what has been developed, we present is to you in order to get your feedback. If there are small modifications to be made at this stage, we are more than happy to get on with them.


PHASE 5: Content Publication

about 1 week

Once the design of the site has been approved by you, we then hand over access to the Content Management System, so you can get on with publishing your content. We help you through this process, and can even produce content for you if you have no time available (see our Content Creation add-ons).



no time at all

Hooray! You're ready to go! Just as soon as you give us the go-ahead, we press all the necessary buttons to get your brand new site online and publicly available on the Interwebs. Any further tweaks are done on the fly.


Get a stunning, mobile-ready website for your business, from just NZ$97 / month