On this page you will find a series of resources and recommendations, many of which are tools and services that we use frequently at Aflua. Hopefully the links listed here will be helpful for you in building and extending your business.

Some of the resources below are affiliate links, which means that if you purchase, we will receive a small commission. You will still be charged the regular price. Aflua only recommends products or services we use in our business.



The most widely used CMS in the world - Wordpress is powerful and flexible yet simple to learn.
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Selling online through Wordpress is extremely simple through WooCommerce from WooThemes.
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Landing pages, sales pages and membership portals that convert visitors to leads to customers.
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ManageWP allows you to update, analyse and even optimise multiple sites from one dashboard.
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Theme ForestTheme Forest

One of the largest collections of premium website design themes, at really reasonable prices.
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Visual ComposerVisual Composer

Drag-and-drop elements for creating layouts in Wordpress, both inside the CMS or direct on page.
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Email Marketing for those who understand the value of building and nurturing their email list.
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In-depth scoring for your website, based on SEO, marketing, social, competitors and more.
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Visual Website OptimizerVisual Website Optimizer

Quickly and efficiently split test landing pages, websites, ecommerce pages and more.
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SEO PowerSuiteSEO PowerSuite

Four powerful SEO tools make up this software solution for your whole website optimization campaign.
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Amazing tool to collaborate on designs. Upload, share, annotate and perfect your designs as a team.
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User TestingUser Testing

A hugely economic way to user test your new site or app: videos are created for you by real users.
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Simple yet feature-rich screen HD recording and video editing, great for creating tutorials.
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If This Then ThatIf This Then That

IFTTT is a service that lets you create powerful connections with one simple statement.
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